SAN ANTONIO — A local Redditor hosted a scavenger hunt for Six Flags tickets on San Antonio's subreddit Saturday.

"I hid 4 Six Flags tickets under his orange cone," Reddit user u/teamcaca posted to the r/SanAntonio page, along with a photo of the tickets' location.

The user posted that he had 28 more tickets to hide. He said the tickets are good for free admission through the weekend.

The original batch of four was discovered at a Las Palapas restaurant on Callaghan Rd. off I-10 W. shortly after the post was made. 

U/teamcaca then posted a photo of the location for the next batch of tickets at the Pearl Stables. Those were claimed as well.

In total, U/teamcaca posted six locations where fellow Redditors could find 4 tickets to Six Flags. That means the anonymous user still has 2 more batches of tickets to give away. It was not clear whether the scavenger hunt would continue into Sunday.

The scavenger hunt was a hit on the subreddit, racking up 263 upvotes and 50 comments. 

One redditor wrote, "Had a blast looking for them," while another added "Thanks for brightening someone's day!"

"Just doing it for the literal karma and not the digital karma? You are great," u/WEEBERMAN wrote.

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