SAN ANTONIO — Animal Care Services says their Pet Pantry program will run out of dog food in a matter of days and is asking the San Antonio community to help.

The Pet Pantry program was founded several years ago as a means for temporary help for local pet owners struggling to feed their pets, ACS says. The program operates only on donated supplies.

ACS says the pantry is down to just nine bags of dog food. Additionally, no cat litter is currently available through the pantry, and pet treats will run out by next week.

Donations to the Pet Pantry program can be made at the shelter on 4710 State Highway 151 during ACS business hours Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 7 PM, as well as weekends from 11 AM to 5 PM.

ACS is also starting a “Furst Responder Team” for city residents who want to be notified of urgent pleas for supplies, fosters and other needs. Those interested can sign up here.

Local businesses or civic organizations can also support the Pet Pantry through the ACS Pay it Furward program which pairs philanthropy and education. Residents can find out more by contacting