SAN ANTONIO — A popular San Antonio bakery has fallen victim to theft. The suspects - two employees at Bird Bakery in Alamo Heights - are accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the company.

A theft at this locally-owned bakery is something that no one saw coming.

"I love the ambiance here. It's a sweet, quaint place," said regular customer Stacy Rogers Sharp.

Sharp visits Bird Bakery about once a week. News of the theft left her surprised and saddened.

This is a shop that bakes cupcakes for high school championships, raises money to bring awareness to cyberbullying, and donated proceeds to Sutherland Springs victims last year.

The unthinkable happened two months ago.

"Bookkeeping discovered some inconsistencies with deposits and things, so they brought it to our attention after they had looked into it in further detail and discovered what they believed was theft," explained Lieutenant Cindy Pruitt of Alamo Heights Police Department.

Representatives from Bird Bakery say two employees have stolen up to $180,000 dollars from the family-friendly spot.

"As far as any connection, they’re both employees. Whether or not they’re connected to one another besides that, I don’t know," said Pruitt.

A source close to bakery management said one of the accused employees had been working at the bakery for four years. Customers say the inside job makes the crime all the more shocking.

"I’ve gotten to know a few of them," said Sharp. "I know some of their names; I like to talk to some of them who are in school, and they all seem great. It’s a great staff."

Charges have been filed with the district attorney’s office. Names have not been released to the public, and no arrests have been made.

Because this is an open investigation, employees at Bird Bakery could not comment on the accusations.

A spokesperson for the bakery released the following statement regarding the allegations:

"The owner and senior management of BIRD Bakery uncovered evidence that led them to believe there was a massive theft in excess of approximately $150,000. An extensive and thorough investigation was conducted and the information was turned into law enforcement, who then questioned the suspected individuals. The case is now being handled by the Bexar County DA office and the Texas Rangers. As this is an open case, we are unable to provide further comment at this time."