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Neighbors at odds after elderly man dies from dog mauling on city's west side

On Saturday, Animal Care Services said the dogs involved in Friday's attack had been euthanized. Their owner is facing felony charges.

SAN ANTONIO — Homeowners in a west side neighborhood are at odds after an elderly man died Friday following a horrific attack by a pack of dogs.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner identified the victim as 81-year-old Ramon Najera. His wife, 74-year-old Juanita Najera was also attacked but survived and released from the hospital on Saturday.

The couple was on their way to visit Angie Ramirez on Depla Street. Ramirez said she wasn't home at the time of the attack but her grandson was. He was also injured along with an SAFD captain who later responded.

Officials said the dogs escaped from next door where 31-year-old Christian Moreno and his family lives. 

Moreno was later arrested by SAPD Covert Unit and is facing charges of attack by dangerous dog causes death and another charge of injury to an elderly, according to a SAPD Facebook post. Both are felony charges.

On Saturday, Ramirez chose compassion when speaking about Moreno. She said his wife came over to her house Friday night to apologize for what happened.

"She came, the wife, and she told me, 'Miss Angie I'm so sorry', "said Ramirez. 

Ramirez forgave the family, and has even spoken to Najera's wife. She said they have been friends for years.

"I told her [Juanita] I'm so sorry and she told me it's not my fault. They're a real good couple, really good friends of mine," said Ramirez.

Another neighbor, Belinda Rodriguez recorded the mauling from her car. KENS 5 has chosen not to show the video.

"It was terrifying. I felt helpless. I just wanted to get out of the car and do something but I just couldn't, there was no way. I wasn't carrying anything with me," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez believes the attack was bound to happen in the neighborhood.

"These dogs are always on the loose and we've made multiple reports about these dogs," she said.

Rodriguez said she has tried to speak with Moreno about her concerns but is met with backlash. For those reasons and others, Rodriguez isn't as forgiving as Ramirez. 

On Saturday, Animal Care Services confirmed all three dogs, who were Staffordshire terriers, were euthanized. Even learning of that news, Rodriguez said she continues to live in fear in the neighborhood.

"These are not pets, these are not household pets. They don't belong in the city," she said.

ACS said at least two of the animals have been involved in a pair of confirmed bite cases in the past including one in January of this year and another in September of 2021.

Bite investigators are determining if the dogs in question match the description of animals connected to any other incidents in the area.

As for Ramirez, a memorial is growing outside her home where her friend died.

"I'm still sad about it because they are such good friends of mine."

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