It's election night for the Texan Primaries, but in the Democratic race for District Attorney - the day got off to an early start. A campaign call went out at 5 a.m. claiming to represent challenger Joe Gonzales.

Those calls woke up people and irritated some. Gonzales says they're not from his campaign.

Gonzales says he plans to file a complaint with the state to find out who's behind these calls. Current District Attorney Nico Lahood says he's got nothing to do with the calls and he's focused on election day.

Both men have sparred in election ads, calling out each other's stances and records as attorneys.

They've also been critical of each other's financial donors. Gonzales received money from powerful political activist George Soros. Lahood, in his last election, received money from attorney Thomas J. Henry. This morning's robocalls once again led the candidates to point fingers.

“We did not generate those robocalls. We have already called the Texas Ethics Commission. We intend to lodge a complaint. We want to get to the bottom of whoever is responsible for those robocalls. Again, they did not come from our campaign,” Gonzales said.

At the Las Palmas polling station, Lahood shared his thoughts on the controversy.

“I've looked into it and people told me it was his own voice. His campaign obviously screwed up. Take responsibility for it and quit trying to blame me. We're worrying about getting our voters out so we can be successful tonight,” Lahood said.

The winner of the Democratic primary will take on Tylden Shaeffer, the lone candidate on the Republican ticket.