Women’s rights has been in the limelight constantly the last few months.

From headlines about unequal pay based on gender to rampant sexual harassment in some industries, women are speaking up about their rights.

A local group is working to give women in San Antonio a voice to do just that and more.

The Younger Women’s Task Force of San Antonio is impacting women of all ages.

“Men are just the same as women and women are just the same as men,” said Sadie Espeut.

The 11-year-old says her views on equality have been shaped by what she’s learned about Martin Luther King Jr.

“He was a man that brought us all together,” said Sadie. “He didn’t care what race we are, he just wanted us to be all treated the same.”

She says MLK is her idol. She wants to fight for people the way MLK did.

Sadie’s sister, Jada Williams, says she can see evidence of the Civil Rights movement today.

“I feel like I experience equality.”

The sisters listened in on a panel of community leaders Tuesday night who were discussing ways to empower girls and women right here in San Antonio.

School district leaders and non-profit staff shared insight into what is happening right now in the city.

The DreamWeek event was hosted by Younger Women’s Task Force of San Antonio. The group says they are dedicated to action.

“[We want to] move beyond the hashtags and say let’s start hitting the ground,” said Shenée Simon with YWTF. “Let’s start doing some things really putting these pathways for change.”

The group wants to see that change for this generation. 16-year-old Jada added another important perspective to the conversation.

“Men are not all bad, women are not all good,” she said.

Regardless of the gender, she hopes to find the good and magnify it in her neighborhood.