SAN ANTONIO — From fallen trees to dangerous debris, storms can leave wreckage- and standing water- behind. With San Antonio's rolling hills, it often means water collects at the bottom of declines, but modern engineering has improved drainage methods. Two areas in Southeast San Antonio will soon get updates that leaders hope will make a major difference.

"Homes and business have been dealing with drainage and flooding issues and unfortunately the flooding and water just stays there for days and days at a time," Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran said.

Council recently approved plans to begin work on East Highland Boulevard, totaling $767,942, in summer 2019, and work on South Gevers Street totaling $1,072,373.52 in July 2019. Both projects are set to be complete in 2020. 

The projects will be paid for with bond money. Projects like this can take years to pass and plan out, in part because drainage work is pricey.

"They can go anywhere from 5 million up to 9 million dollars and sometimes they take a bond project so it really does take a lot of coordination and money to put these underground, but they’re very much needed and we’ve moved the needle on this," Councilwoman Viagran said.

She says people interested in work in their neighborhoods can contact their council member.

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