CIBOLO, Texas — Thanks to a gift from one of their neighbors, Cibolo police officers are hitting the streets with new gear.

Santikos Entertainment wrote a $5,000 check to the department. The gift was presented during the Cibolo city council meeting Tuesday.

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Santikos has a movie theater opening up in the city limits early next year. “Being part of the community is important to all of us at Santikos,” Rob Lehman said.

The money covered the cost of pistol flashlights. Using a plastic training gun, Officer Matt Schima demonstrated how the light attaches to a handgun. The device is being installed on the officers’ real guns to allow hands-free lighting when they’re out on a call.

“When they go through a building in the daytime or anywhere at nighttime, where it’s dark, they simply push this button here and it lights up. They also have the option to strobe for distraction,” Schima said.

Bicycle officers are also getting new gear. Red and blue flashing lights were attached to their handlebars to make the cops more visible.

“Our officers who mainly work in the school zones on the bicycles are able to do traffic stops with the red and blue lights now, keeping them safe as well as being able to do a lot more traffic stops,” said Schima. “When you see the red and blue lights, that means pull over to a safe location and just comply with the officer.”

The department also welcomed a new hire; a cooler version of McGruff the crime dog.

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A fan in his helmet and an ice-cooled vest make events in the sun more tolerable for the furry friend.

“So we can visit the kids and all those in our community and talk to them about crime prevention, anti-bullying, and things like that,” Schima said.

Police say since the gear was bought with money from the donation, tax dollars can be used for other department needs.