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Dog named Nugget now recovering and available for adoption after painful brush with porcupine, says SAPA!

Nugget was in excruciating pain last week after he decided he wanted to make friends with a porcupine in his foster’s backyard late one night.

SAN ANTONIO — Sometimes the most painful lessons teach you something really important, and for Nugget the dog, we hope he knows now not to mess around with a porcupine!

The related video above was originally published July 12, 2022.

Nugget is a one and a half year old dog who was on the City of San Antonio's euthanasia list earlier this month when San Antonio Pets Alive swooped in to save him. He is staying with a foster family while eagerly awaiting a forever home.

Last week, Nugget decided he wanted to be friends with a porcupine that wandered into his backyard and ended up with hundreds of painful quills in his face and legs. He had to be rushed to an overnight emergency clinic for treatment.

Credit: San Antonio Pets Alive!
Nugget had a painful brush with a porcupine

"Nugget had x-rays, fluids, quill removal surgery, anesthesia, medications, and more. The cost of his surgeries has already been $2,500, and he is due for a follow-up and stitch removal in the next couple weeks," said SAPA! "With Nugget’s most recent x-ray, the vet isn’t sure if the lines on the x-rays are quills, air pockets from removed quills, or abscesses."

SAPA! says they never know what medical care their dogs and cats will need. More than likely Nugget, like most dogs, had never seen a porcupine in his life and had no idea what would happen when he got too close. 

SAPA! desperately needs your help to cover these unforeseen costs. They have quite a few extreme medical cases right now and every dollar helps. 

CLICK HERE to donate. 

SAPA! says, "any remaining funds we receive after covering the cost of Nugget, and aftercare will go toward the thousands of dogs and cats we save each year." 

Credit: San Antonio Pets Alive!
Nugget is available for adoption

Nugget is doing much better now after his prickly rendezvous. We bet he won't make that same mistake again!

If you are interested in having Nugget join your family CLICK HERE

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