This year's flu season continues to ravage the entire country. The CDC says we are averaging 4,000 flu deaths every week, and we aren't even at the peak of the season.

Welcome to Doctor At Your Service. Its owner, Dr. Antonio Cavazos Jr. started the practice in 2010. "We reduce the number of hospitalizations that these patients have to have," Dr. Cavazos Jr. said.

Tuesday, they had their clinic where patients like Derrick Lara go into their office, but he says he'd consider doing the home visits too, which Doctor At Your Service does every other working day of the week, like many services of this nature across the city.

"It eases having to come to a doctor and takes away a lot of those nerves," Lara said.

Dr. Cavazos Jr. added, "Anything they would normally go see a doctor in an office, we see them in their home."

He says this year's nasty flu season is keeping their providers busy. Dr. Cavazos Jr. told us the flu has increased the number of visits- 10 to 12 a day for each one!

"Some of these patients do not have a doctor so they feel sick they go to the emergency room all the time," Dr. Cavazos Jr. said. "We are trying to make sure they don't do that anymore. We want to change the culture of these people and instead call us."

We ran a Twitter poll to see if you thought using a service like Doctor At Your Service would cost: more, less, or about the same as an in office visit, and the results may surprise you. Dr. Cavazos Jr. told us they get paid almost the same as if they had come to the office.

Even though close to three-quarters of you thought it would cost more, it turns out to be about the same, and you get the same level of care, flu, or no flu.