San Antonio — Korean War veteran Felix Calderon and Queenie are inseparable. Simply put, she's family. But there was a time when Queenie was nearly torn apart from him.

Calderon says several months ago, an Animal Control officer spotted his dog. Queenie had masses on her stomach at the time.

The city told him he needed to take Queenie to a vet or else she would be taken away. Calderon said he couldn’t afford it.

ACS says the dog would have been taken care of with their vets and possibly adopted out.

Calderon called Michael and Roxann Cotugno. They're the founders of Adapt a Vet, an organization that serves veterans with disabilities.

The couple helped raise all the funds to get Queenie into surgery and back home. But that's not all.

Adapt a Vet is fixing the wiring in his home and re-doing Calderon’s roof, a job previous contractors promised to do.

Anything big or small, the organization is willing to serve veterans any way they can. And Calderon is just one of dozens they help every year.

For more information on Adapt a Vet, including how to volunteer or donate, visit their website.