The good...the bad...and the garbage.

That’s what Salvation Army workers are dealing with this holiday season. Truckloads of unusable donations are headed for the landfill. The cost of those dump runs add up and donors don't pay for it.

"Yes. Sometimes it can seem like we are in the trash business, but we're not." Says Debra Chavis, Production manager at Sacramento Salvation Army.

Every day, donations come into the Sacramento Salvation Army. And every day, a good portion of those donations go to the dump.

The Salvation Army has kind of a "lax" donation policy, meaning they trust people to bring in quality donations. That doesn’t always happen.

"We sometimes get used motor oil jugs and other things that could be considered hazardous material," Chavis said.

December is the season of giving, but it’s also a time many people are trying to get last minute tax write offs before the end of the year. Multiple large boxes are often dropped off at the Salvation Army around the holidays with nusable donations or trash possibly hiding inside.

Warn out clothing and electronic waste can turn a profit when recycled, but the garbage removal cost often eats up those profits.

"We basically break even after getting paid for the E-waste," Chavis said.

If you are going to donate something this holiday season, ask yourself one question: Would I buy it if I was shopping at the thrift store? If not, don’t donate.