It was video the Bexar County Sheriff's Office didn't want released.

Footage showing Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) deputies in the Bexar County Jail restraining one of their own after using a taser on him.

After KENS 5 aired the video last month, the Bexar County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation to determine who released the video.

We've now learned the Sheriff has taken action against some of his deputies.

KENS 5 requested an interview with Sheriff Javier Salazar, but received the following written statement instead.

“Deputies are currently suspended from the SERT team pursuant to unauthorized access and possible release of a video that contained HIPPA protected information. The deputies were not suspended from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and are currently employed. We are unable to share details regarding the ongoing investigation and we will not comment regarding the details of the case.”

The video was shot in late September.

According to an internal document obtained by KENS 5, a SERT deputy used a Taser three times on a corporal who was suffering from a medical episode.

The corporal's hands and feet were shackled while deputies held him down.

Even though deputies have been disciplined for releasing this video, the Sheriff's Office says no one has been disciplined for the incident itself.

A BCSO representative says punishment, if any, will be determined when the investigation is complete.