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Otis McKane found guilty of capital murder in killing of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi

Closing arguments ended in the trial of Otis McKane on Monday evening, and the jury returned a unanimous verdict in under an hour.

SAN ANTONIO — Closing arguments ended in the trial of Otis McKane on Monday evening, and after deliberating for under an hour, the jury has unanimously found McKane guilty of capital murder for the shooting of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi.

After the verdict was read, the bailiff approached McKane to escort him from the courthouse. McKane rose to his feet and struck out at the officer with his elbow. He was quickly subdued by several other officers.

Sentencing is scheduled to take place Tuesday. McKane could face the death penalty following the jury's unanimous decision. The Bexar County District Attorney has previously stated he plans to pursue the death penalty. 

Monday's decision came after more than 50 witnesses and 10 days of emotional testimony since the start of the trial and two weeks of the prosecution presenting its case.

After the defense presented its case in two hours Monday, the court adjourned for lunch. A formal charge was read to McKane when the jury reconvenes after lunch.

The first witness the defense called was SAPD Det. Mark Duke, the lead investigator in the shooting death of Det. Marconi. The defense asked questions about Marconi's cellphone usage for personal matters.

McKane was accused of killing Marconi in an ambush-style attack outside of San Antonio Police headquarters in November 2016. McKane confessed to interrogators, saying he was angry with the police for not helping with his custody battle.

On Friday, the jury finished watching video of police interrogating McKane. The nearly two-hour-long interview with Detective Mark Duke highlights why prosecutors McKane carried out the act on that day.

McKane equated himself to a bowl of acid, a gorilla and a lion trying to adapt to society. He expressed his frustration over being unable to see his son.

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