SAN ANTONIO -- After 23 years of searching, a man is reuniting with his biological father.

John Trinh said he hired several private investigators, but they took his money and didn't help in his search. He then decided to go online and try Ancestry DNA.

"Every single free minute he has, he's in there. My daughter and I to the point sometimes, like, give up and he's like no," said Kathy Trinh, John’s wife.

John's dedication paid off. He found several cousins and through their family tree, he got in touch with his father's current wife, Delores Reilly. After exchanging some information, his father sent John a picture of himself.

"When I saw the picture, I said ‘yes. That's my father.’ Because he had the mole. That's one of the only things I knew about my father. He had a mole. My mother would always so, your father, he's so handsome and very tall. But he had a mole," John said.

John's father's first name was correct, but the last name Brown was his great grandfather's last name.

John's father now goes by the name Jack. He was stationed in Saigon, Vietnam while working in the Air Force and met John's mother. He returned to the United States but never knew John's mother was pregnant.

"I so miss the years that we could have shared together. The precious years of a son growing up with his dad and a dad even growing up more because of his son," said Jack Reilly, John's father. "The fact that he found me and that I found him because of his efforts, I am just so thrilled. I can't express it enough."

Reilly met John and his family for the first time in December.

"I was just thrilled to death and so was my wife. I have to give a lot of credit to my wife because she could have said, no that was 50 years ago, why get involved with it now? But she was just the opposite. She opened her arms, as I did, and John and Kathy and their kids are the greatest treasures that we have in our life," Reilly said.

"When we met him for the first time, I was very nervous. The anticipation all these years that my husband, I've been there with him. What if it didn't come out the way he wanted to? There's a lot of ‘what if's.’ The acceptance from both him and his wife has been unbelievably amazing," Kathy said.

The last time John's father was in San Antonio was for basic training at Lackland Air Force Base more than 50 years ago. Reilly plans to return to the Alamo City with his wife, Delores and visit John in the fall.