SAN ANTONIO — Summer is winding down, but those electric bills from the hottest days of the summer may still be sitting on your kitchen table waiting to be paid.

Terrence Hickman, a CPS Energy customer contact supervisor told us, "I help to make sure our Energy Advisors are providing the best possible service to our customers."

CPS Energy has 175 Energy Advisors on duty at the call center. They are CPS Energy's front lines of support. Deanna Hardwick, the Interim Vice President of Customer Success said, "Anybody that needs to, come visit us at our walk-in centers or talk to us over the phone, gets to speak to one of our highly trained knowledgeable Energy Advisors who try to find the right solution for each of our customers."

That support goes up by 20% during the hot summer months. Hardwick added, "Due to customers being at home more over the summer for vacation, or kids just being off and using their energy or power more often during the summer."

The number one cause of high energy bills is weather. Summer temperatures this year have been five percent higher than average. When temperatures go up bills go up. You can learn how to better manage your energy at Hickman told us, "We have a program called My Energy Portal, and the energy portal allows customers to track consumption in their own home."

Another program is the energy calculator which allows customers to calculate the amount of consumption they are using in their home as well, to limit surprises on their bill. But that's just two of 52 products and service CPS Energy offers its customers. Hardwick added, "Everything from being able to provide solutions before you see those high temperatures, to rebates, to thermostats, as well as solar rebates energy efficiency products and services."

If that bill gets too high they also offer a budget payment plan so summer bill costs and increases can be spread out over time. Hickman added, "It is very gratifying to all of our Energy Advisors - and our whole customer service department - when we are helping customers. That is our number one reason for being here."

SAVENOW on the CPS Energy website has information on rebates and programs to help customers save, both residential and commercial. Check it out here:

To manage your CPS Energy account use the Manage My Account and My Energy Portal tools. Through Manage My Account customers can set up payment plans and extensions on their own without even having to call customer service. Here are the links for both of those:

If you are looking to keep track of your budget, here is a link to CPS Energy's Budget Payment Plan:

To calculate the cost of your energy usage check out CPS Energy's Energy Cost Calculator here: