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Court rules in favor of Redus family in lawsuit against UIW

His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both the university and the officer.
Cameron Redus, UIW student fatally shot by campus police officer

An appeals court’s ruling Wednesday makes it possible for the family of slain UIW student Cameron Redus to move forward with a lawsuit against the university.

Cameron Redus, 23, was shot five times at close range by UIW Corporal Christopher Carter, following a traffic stop a few blocks north of campus December 6, 2013. Redus died at the scene.

His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both the university and the officer.

The university tried to get the lawsuit dismissed because it claimed it was a “governmental unit” and entitled to governmental immunity under the common law doctrine of sovereign immunity.

The Fourth Circuit of Appeals ruled Wednesday the university was not a governmental unit, effectively allowing the wrongful death lawsuit to move forward.

The family says they tried to meet with university to work out an agreement, but months passed after the shooting, and the family says it didn't work out.

At the time of the shooting, Carter told investigators Cameron Redus became combative after pulling over and he was forced to shoot him five times at close range following a six-minute physical confrontation.

The lawsuit details the fact that neither Carter nor Cameron Redus were on the UIW campus at any time during the events leading to Cameron's death. The lawsuit also states that the events were not consistent with the duties Carter was assigned by UIW.

"In any job, whether it s a teacher or a banker, or a police officer, there is going to be some bad apples in the bunch, okay. I think in any job there should always be an accountability," Valerie Redus said.

Carter did not attempt to stop Cameron Redus on Broadway, according to the lawsuit.

In terms of negligence, the lawsuit says:

"Cameron Redus would be alive if UIW had adequately trained and supervised defendant Carter. UIW had notice that Carter lacked knowledge of the standards and requirements for his work and that he posed a risk or danger to others, yet failed to take steps to limit these risks."

The lawsuit goes on to claim that the University directly or indirectly approved the Carter's conduct.

While the lawsuit does not specify a monetary amount it does ask for damages for physical pain and suffering and Conscious mental anguish before Cameron Redus' death as well as funeral and burial expenses.

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