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Texas teen remains hospitalized following dangerous social media trend

Antrevon Bolden was rushed to Christus Spohn Shoreline to receive emergency brain surgery after a car surfing attempt.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A 17-year-old remains in a trauma unit after falling from the top of a moving car last weekend. 

Tricia Stallion measures her grandson, 17-year-old Antrevon Bolden's recovery one step at a time. 

"Today he did really good," Stallion said. "I'm so proud of him, he was able to brush his teeth. It took instructing and guidance, but he was able to brush his teeth. That was a blessing." 

One week ago, Stallion didn't know if the teen would survive after being rushed into emergency brain surgery at Christus Spohn Shoreline. Stallion said it was last Saturday, when Bolden snuck out of the house as she slept. She said he went joyriding with his friends. 

"He was on the very top of the car," Stallion said. "The person that was driving -- I don't know who was driving -- smashed the gas, turned and he flew off." 

Stallion said that Bolden was attempting to car surf.  The dangerous activity is making rounds on social media as teens film it.

She said the accident happened off of West Point Road near Greenwood Drive and not far from her home.

"Instead of taking him to the hospital, they brought him to me," Stallion said. "I did his vitals. He wasn't breathing, so I started CPR, also a difficult thing."

According to Stallion, part of Bolden's skull had to be removed and he is still unable to speak. As Bolden's progress continues to improve, Stallion credits the doctors and other health officials. 

"Kids are unpredictable, but they are also precious," Stallion said. "And what we are going through is very hard. I'm going through this with the strength of God."

Stallion hopes that by speaking out about what happened to her grandson, she can help save another family from going through the same kind of pain and heartache she is currently experiencing. 

"I'm very involved in his life and this still happens to me," Stallion said "Question your kids, know their friends, know where they live. As for the teenagers, this could happen to you, this is not a fun place for him or myself."

His family said Trey will eventually move to a physical therapy center in Austin.  They will also have to relocate.

There has been a GoFundMe account set up to help the family with Trey's recovery.

Editor's Note - A prior version of this story identified Antrevon Bolden as a Moody High School student. Corpus Christi ISD says Bolden started the year there but was not enrolled at the time of his accident.

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