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'I felt it was the right thing to do': Commissioner Trish DeBerry breaks down why she's running for Bexar County judge

DeBerry, who's held her position as county commissioner since January 2021, noted public health and addressing high property taxes are among her top issues.

SAN ANTONIO — Public relations executive and precinct 3 county commissioner Trish DeBerry says her decision to run for Bexar County judge comes in part because she feels there’s not enough Republican representation.

DeBerry made the announcement Monday afternoon --- the deadline to file for candidacy.

“I feel like the judge’s seat is too important not to have a very robust discussion from great candidates on both sides of the aisle and I just didn’t see enough Republican representation, so I decided that at the end of the day, yeah, I’m in because I felt it was the right thing to do,” DeBerry said.

DeBerry is now one of two Republican candidates running for Bexar County judge. She joins a handful of democrats vying for the position that’s been held by Judge Nelson Wolff for the past 20 years.

She plans on bringing her executive business skills to the table if elected.

“It’s what I campaigned on for the county commissioners’ seat regarding somebody who signed not the only the front of a paycheck but the back of a paycheck and dealt with escalating healthcare insurance premiums, had to weather downturns in the economy regarding an employment standpoint and I think it’s been beneficial to the court to have that skill set,” DeBerry said.

DeBerry’s been regularly outspoken about the way taxpayer money is spent, especially at the Bexar County jail.

“Millions of dollars in overtime so as a fiscal conservative that’s not acceptable,” she said.

DeBerry stressed that big government is not always the solution. Her grassroots campaign will focus on a variety of issues including appraisal reform through cutting property taxes, addressing domestic violence and public health.

“Morbid obesity, heart disease, diabetes. I hate to be crass but we’re cutting off people’s feed in far too many numbers, so I think there’s an opportunity there,” DeBerry said.

Judge Wolff has 60 days to appoint an interim commissioner in place of DeBerry who must forfeit her seat, which she’s held since January 2021.


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