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Clayton Perry returns to City Council amid hit-and-run investigation

Perry had been on leave from his District 10 City Council seat since mid-November.
Credit: KENS

SAN ANTONIO — Clayton Perry has returned to the San Antonio City Council meetings.

Perry had been on leave from his District 10 city council seat since it was granted on November 14. He was later arrested and booked on DWI charges stemming from a Nov. 6 crash that resulted in him being issued a vote of no confidence by his colleagues.

A police report from the incident states Perry, driving his Jeep, turned too wide and headed into oncoming traffic lanes. A vehicle that was waiting at the red light was hit, "causing major damage," the report stated.  

Court documents obtained by KENS 5 on Thursday reveal Perry was seen on surveillance footage consuming 14 alcoholic drinks within a four-hour period ending at 8:45 p.m., before leaving a local bar.

Councilman Perry issued a statement at the start of Thursday's meeting.

“I am very glad to be back from my leave of absence and have a lot to be thankful for. Thankful to God for being my rock and guide always, but especially during this difficult time. Thankful that the other people involved weren’t physically harmed, for this council for showing me the compassion and support to take the time off to work on me.

For all the thoughts and prayers given by my family, friends and folks in D10 and around the city, and to Councilman Gallagher and my staff. I am truly blessed and grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people.

It’s been a tough couple of months, but I want to assure everyone that I kept the commitment I made at the last meeting to follow all the appropriate measures as recommended by medical experts and will continue to do so, I’m not done and again ask for everyone’s compassion and forgiveness. I am 100% devoted to ensuring this never happens again and to regaining your confidence.

We’ve got some really important events happening, and at this point I’m ready to get back to work with my colleagues, District 10 and the City Staff. Thank you again, for the patience and kindness you all have shown me.”

Prior to council going into its executive session, Perry did not answer questions from reporters about the charges he's facing or if he still has plans to run for re-election.

"I've given y'all my statement. I've got an [executive] session to get to," Perry told reporters before he walked, surrounded by his city staff, to the next room.

KENS 5 asked Perry about the charges and also what rehabilitation he took but he did not comment. During the lunchbreak between executive session and a 1:00 pm city hearing, Perry did not directly answer questions from reporters.

“I haven’t made that decision,” Perry said when asked about if he would run for re-election. The councilman did nothing other than refer to the statement he issued during the public portion of Thursday’s meeting.

Perry said he wouldn’t comment when KENS 5 asked about the DWI charge that Perry is facing.

“I’m not talking anything about that right now,”  Perry responded.

Mayor Nirenberg's office confirmed that Perry intends to return from his leave of absence and attend Thursday's city council meeting.

"I have been clear from the very start. If the allegations against Councilman Perry are true, he should resign from City Council," the mayor said in a statement. "In the absence of a conviction of a crime of moral turpitude, City Council lacks the authority to remove a member. As it stands, the choice is up to the member and the voters."

Mike Gallagher was chosen to fill in for Councilman Clayton Perry while he was on his sabbatical. Gallagher served as D10 councilman from 2014 to 2017 before Perry was elected.

According to court records, Perry has a hearing scheduled for January 24.

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