The District 2 city councilman addressed the violence on the city’s east side after eight shootings happened between Sunday and Wednesday, including one murder.

New city councilman, Cruz Shaw, said the people on the east side are working toward peaceful neighborhoods.

"We have great people in our communities, great small businesses, great parents, schools, and so, the community is really coming together in a time of need. So, I don't want these shootings to illustrate or create a narrative for our communities," Shaw said.

Shaw also said one of the ways to prevent crime is to provide opportunities for people.

"We'll have to stay vigilant. We're working with our neighborhood associations, SAPD, as well as our grassroots organizations to go ahead and get in front of the issue. Once we have to call police, the crime has already occurred. So, we need grassroots efforts and a collaborative spirit to make sure we can provide jobs and opportunities for folks so that will deter the crime," Shaw said.

Councilman Shaw was elected as the District 2 representative in the May city election.

Police have not said whether there were any arrests in any of the shootings.