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SO SWEET! Cat named 'Monkey Face' finds her way back to San Antonio woman

A cat that wandered away from home in 2015 was discovered by Animal Care Services, which had some leg work to do to find her owner.

SAN ANTONIO — A cat owner in San Antonio has so much to be thankful for. Her cat, which had been missing for six years, is back home with her.

In a post on Facebook, Animal Care Services shared the tale of Monkey Face's journey to being reunited with her human.

"After six years missing, Monkey Face is finally home! This sweet kitty wandered away from home half a dozen years ago, and her family never thought they would see her again...but then, just recently, we received a call for a cat that looked a little sick. Officer Perez picked her up and scanned her for a microchip, learning her name was Monkeyface! He drove to the listed address, but her people didn’t live there anymore. Perez brought her back to ACS for a veterinary exam and hoped our team could do some more digging. 

Once at ACS, Monkey Face received the care she needed from our medical team, and our placement staffers got to work searching for her parents. We already knew the address was out of date and quickly learned that the other contact information was as well. We didn’t stop there; our team continued researching and worked hard to get in contact...after almost two weeks, we found Monkey Face’s mom!"

Credit: City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

Monkey Face's owner was in denial and told ACS there had to be a mistake, but there wasn't. She and her feline had a priceless reunion – getting all the snuggles they could when they got back together.

Credit: City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

"It was easy to see the joy they had cuddling after such a long time," ACS said. "These stories touch our hearts and reassure us of the work we do. The power of the microchip, the hard-working team members, the care these pets receive... It’s all connected to our mission to find homes for the pets in our care. And Monkey Face wouldn’t have it any other way!"

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