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'My heart hurts too much to lose my son': San Antonio mother recounts car crash killing her unborn baby

Meanwhile, the man facing several charges in the crash has been released from jail.

SAN ANTONIO — April Levine didn't get a chance to welcome her baby, Austin, into the world. While seven months pregnant, Levine had to be rescued from a mangled car following a violent crash in which her unborn son was killed.

Police said the driver who hit the mother and her family is facing four charges. As of Thursday evening, the suspect was out on bond. 

"My heart hurts too much to lose my son," Levine said, speaking to KENS 5 from her hospital bed. "I lost a part of me, the best part of me, and it hurts too much. It made me sad that I felt the last kick in the car."

Rescue crews had to cut open the top of the vehicle to get her out of it. 

"Because my leg was stuck in there between the dashboard," she said.

The crash happened Friday night on South Zarzamora. Police said a pick-up truck driver hit another truck and was trying to escape, but the driver slammed into Levine's car. As a result of that collision, it pushed her car into an ambulance, finally bringing a chaotic chain reaction to a stop. 

"I thought I was going to not make it," Levine said. 

Levine's 18-month-old daughter, who was strapped in her backseat, escaped with just a few scratches.

"I couldn't reach to her because my arm was broken," the mother said.

The driver was arrested after police say he crashed through a fence and into a backyard. As Levine recovers from her injuries, there is a wound that will never heal.

"He looked just like my daughter," she said. "And it made me sad because that's what I wanted was a boy, a son, so we could have a full family."

Despite a high bond of more than $250,000, Constantino Tristan Coronado was able to post bail and walk out of jail within 48 hours. The grieving parents say they hope he will eventually face more time behind bars.

Levine has had four surgeries in the last week to remedy a broken hip and shoulder, among other ailments. Now the family has to plan for a funeral for a baby that never saw the light of day.

JoeAnthony Rodriguez, who is with Levine, said he hopes the suspect does serve some time.

"He does deserve it, because he fled," Rodriguez said. "He should have just stopped and accept his punishment for what he did."

Rodriguez asks for prayers for him and his family. He said they need it. 

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