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Call centers are booming with new employees

This is one industry having no problems finding employees.

SAN ANTONIO — Call centers are booming!  

When many industries are having a hard time finding employees, some completely shutting down, the Lone Star State is hiring plenty for call centers.

"I have a good schedule. Flexible. It's actually get weekends off and so different a job, so it kind of goes with my children's school schedule," said Isabel Soria who has spent three years working in call centers and 16 in customer service. 

But when it comes to getting a job, the big question...Does it pay well? 

"The pay rate that they start off is very reasonable within different call centers, not including mine but other ones, I've seen a very reasonable and then with this current position that I have. They do offer bonuses," Soria said.

"Everybody needs a call center for the holidays and they're being able to attract even people right out of school. Because the salaries are higher. They offer benefits," Jeanniey Walden, the Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer from DailyPay said.

When compared to the entire United States, Texas has the highest number of employees working in call centers with close to 300,000 people. Texas also ranks 1st in the nation for new call center hires since the summer increasing staff by 32 percent. And some of those in that 32 percent could be making as much as $45 an hour! 

"A lot of the higher paying call center jobs are in the health and benefits support area like CVS, United Health Care, places like that. So you do need to have experience," Walden added.

CareerBuilder says unlike many industries suffering a major shortage in employees like trucking, nursing, and in-person retail, call centers are having no problem finding folks to fire up those phones. In addition, since April of 2020 the number of call center jobs across the U.S. on CareerBuilder is up close to 40 percent. 

"So many call centers have set people up to work from home. A lot of call centers use daily pay, so people work today. They can access their pay tomorrow. It's a win-win all around,"  Walden says. 

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