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Boerne, Comfort community members line I-10 to support truckers protesting COVID-19 related mandates

There was no shortage of calls for freedom Friday morning as conservative Texans awaited truckers protesting mask, vaccine restrictions.

KENDALL COUNTY, Texas — Near the Waring and Comfort overpass, dozens lined I-10 with American flags and calls for freedom from COVID-19 safety restrictions that health experts have been recommending since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Support for truckers was also on full display as many waited for the American Truckers for Freedom convoy. Scattered across I-10, some of the truckers are believed to be heading to Washington, D.C. to protest  masks and vaccine mandates.

Alissa Dent and Becky Stokes organized the supporters Friday along the interstate. Stokes and Dent run the Boerne Area Patriots, formerly the Boerne Trump Train, community Facebook group. 

"Without them [truck drivers], America would just fully stop," said Dent. 

"We stand for America and freedom and we are tired of the mandates," said Dent. "There has been a lot of mandates for people in their jobs, vaccine requirements, that actually should be a choice, it is unconstitutional...it should be a choice to wear a mask too."

Stokes also stood firm on her opinion that masks and COVID-19 vaccines should be optional, but said she respects different opinions, too. 

"Well it’s okay for you to have your opinion and it’s okay for me to have my opinion, we do have the first amendment right of freedom of speech," Stokes said. "That’s what really has damaged America so much is the divisiveness that has been caused by all of this and it makes me sad." 

For most of the country, masks are only a recommendation in public spaces. There are some businesses, schools, and government facilities that may require masks and/or COVID-19 vaccines. 

Public transportation including flights also require travelers to wear a mask. That federal mandate is in place until at least March 18th

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health experts continue to urge people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

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