Grab your mat and water bottle, but prepare for a yoga class that is out of the ordinary.

A unique class offered at a San Antonio yoga studio Saturday will raise awareness for preventable health issues.

The yoga class promises a challenge - participants will be blindfolded during the session.

“Your eyes are the windows to the world, and they are your balance,” said Rina Grona with Prevent Blindness Texas. “Yoga is one of those things where you need your eyes so you can be balanced. We’re going to challenge folks to come in and live in a non-sight person’s life for an hour and experience it and hopefully when they get out of it they realize how important it is and be more aware of how important your eyes are.”

Money raised at the unique class will benefit Prevent Blindness Texas.

The charitable organization encourages everyone to have book yearly vision screenings.

They also use donations to cover eye exams and vouchers for glasses for adults and children who qualify.

“There are so many health issues that can be caught early just by going to visit your ophthalmologist and optometrist,” said Grona.

The event also demonstrates some of the challenges people with vision problems face every day.

“This is a really cool chance to give people kind of a new take on yoga,” said inBalance owner Hope Pedraza.

The blindfolded yoga class is Saturday at 1:30 p.m. The session will be held at inBalance 23535 Interstate Highway 10 #1203, San Antonio, TX 78257. The suggested donation to Prevent Blindness Texas is $20 by cash or check.