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Woman escapes from kidnapper after being held in locked bedroom in south Bexar County, BCSO says

"She wasn't fed for several days," Salazar says.

SAN ANTONIO — A man is in custody after a kidnapped woman escaped from a residence located on the southwest side of Bexar County, according to Bexar County Sherriff Javier Salazar. 

BCSO and SWAT responded to the 11200 block of Briggs Road Saturday morning after receiving information about a woman being taken against her will. 

The man in custody is 46-year-old Jason Steele, according to Salazar.

Authorities say the woman told them she was a migrant farm worker and was doing work at a farm in Pearsall, TX. She was in a relationship with Steele but ended the relationship and then worked at another property in Pearsall, Salazar says. 

Steele went to the farm kidnapping her by forcing her into an 18-wheeler, drove to Tempe, Arizona and got her out of the vehicle where he was going to abandon her according to Salazar. She then was able to force her way back into the 18-wheeler and convince him to bring her back to Texas.

Salazar says once Steele brought her back she was held against her will in a locked bedroom, beaten, threatened with a weapon and experienced an attempted sexual assault. She was unsuccessful in trying to free herself after a struggle in the home where Steele was cut, Salazar says. 

"She wasn't fed for several days," Salazar says.

After Steele and other people in the home were using drugs she was able to escape and get help, Salazar says.

Jason Steele already has a warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is charged with aggravated kidnapping and domestic violence. 

Salazar says four people including Steele were found at the residence. 

"At this point we do have some indication that at the very least these other three people knew that this lady was being held against her will, they were checking on her throughout the time."

SWAT was called out after the residents inside the location closed the door and refused to comply with demands, officials say. The SWAT team used tear gas, but the suspect still refused to exit the residence. SWAT breached the front door and then the suspects surrendered, according to Salazar.

BCSO was conducting a search warrant at the residence Saturday afternoon.

When asked about the condition of the woman who escaped Salazar said, "she's okay, she's hungry, she hasn't eaten for days, she was beaten over the course of the couple of days, she's certainly terrorized, but she's safe and sound now."

Authorities say the location is the same place where officials busted a human smuggling case in February.

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