The Bexar County Sheriff's Office held a press conference Monday to discuss a new program the agency has teamed up on to train area school staff on preparedness for active shooter scenarios.

Deputy Chief Harry Jimenez, who works in the community readiness and intelligence division and who championed the program, said that the planning for school shooting readiness is incredibly important, and was spurred along after the tragic shooting deaths in Parkland, Fl.

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office has been joined by numerous groups and sponsors who are assisting with the training and implementation of the program, including the 'I Love U Guys Foundation.'

Jimenez said that the name of that program was inspired by the Platte Canyon High School hostage situation in Denver, in which one of the hostages, Emily Keyes, was able to text her parents "I love u guys," before she was shot and killed by the suspect.

Sheriff Javier Salazar said 100 people will be selected to participate in the crisis training, and then will disseminate that information to others.

Judson ISD is helping to host the program, but the initial group being trained will consist of administrators and classroom teachers from around the community.

Watch the full press conference for more details: