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Barricade experiment on St. Mary's Strip off to imperfect start

Barricades largely kept bargoers off residential streets, but residents had to move the fences to get in and out of their neighborhood.

SAN ANTONIO — A city-backed experiment meant to curb lewd behavior on residential streets near St. Mary's Strip started with problems Thursday.

City employees blocked off entrances to the Tobin Hill neighborhood, where residents say drunk people cause trouble in their front yards. 

Now, San Antonio police aim to limit bargoer access to the neighborhood. 

Police chief William McManus said Tuesday officers will put the barricades up at 7 p.m. and take them down at 2 a.m. through Sunday, April 3. 

But workers set the barricades in place an hour early, confusing residents who assumed they could access their homes without hassle until 7 p.m.

Police also told neighbors they would set up two "entry points," where officers ask for proof of residence. But police did not consistently stay at the designated intersections to let residents in. 

Even using a designated access point, people who live on Woodlawn Ave could not reach their homes without moving at least one barricade. 

Dozens of visibly-frustrated people moved the fences, including one man who raised his middle fingers in the air as he got back in his truck. 

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