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'Game Bars' combine board games and brews across West Texas

Places like The Waystone in Midland provide patrons with drinks and board games for the night.

MIDLAND, Texas — All across West Texas, there are more places opening up to get a drink after work.

However, some of these places are taking a new approach: combining a relaxing brew with an equally relaxing board game.

"Game Bars" have been rising in popularity across West Texas. What you may not know is that there is a game bar like that in Midland.

Ted Morehouse and his wife Jaylyn opened up their own game bar called The Waystone. 

He had been brewing beer with his wife and neighbors for quite some time, but also enjoyed a good board game. So, he combined the two to create The Waystone.

The style of his tavern fits the same mold as many others that have been popping up around West Texas.

“The business model is giving people a really good experience and providing them with delicious beverages and game supply,” Morehouse said.

Instead of gathering around a TV to watch the football game, patrons will instead sit down at a table to play classic board games like Monopoly or Scrabble, nerd out with a session of Dungeons and Dragons or play one of the dozens of different board games on display.

That’s because places like this aim for less TV time and more face-to-face human interaction that can only come from tabletop games.

“It’s a lot more personal of a connection," Morehouse said. "Some bars you watch TV and stuff. Here you get a game down and you get to play with your friends. It’s more engaging and more human.”

Morehouse himself believes that more and more West Texans have a desire to get back to the basics.

Which means throwing it back a few centuries and sprinkling in some fantasy vibes for a different yet refreshing experience.

“I think people are backlashing against being on screens all day," Morehouse said. "This is a chance to have no screens and no TVs. Just have face-to face human interaction, and people love it.”

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