SAN ANTONIO — As the temperatures feel more winter-like this week, it's a good time to do a quick check of your home.

There's an increased risk of fire, as people try to stay warm. People crank up their space heaters and light their fireplace. But home fires can be preventable.

The San Antonio Fire Department reminds residents every year to keep furniture or anything that can burn, about 3 feet away from heaters. It would be a good time to check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm. Also, clean out the lint in the dryer and inspect electrical cords. You should replace cords that are damaged or have loose connections.

If you have a chimney, make sure to clean it out. Mesquite Wood For Sale San Antonio Joe Vera says business is picking up as the weather gets cold. He said homeowners should always think: safety first.

"Make sure you have your grates in line, make sure your flues are open, make sure it's a real fireplace. Sometimes it's not a real fireplace and you put firewood in there and that's not good," said Vera.