SAN ANTONIO — An ARTS San Antonio bombshell. The non-profit has shut down canceling all its shows for the rest of the year. 

According to a letter sent out, supporters who bought tickets won't get their money back. Ticket-holder Raymond Hall is still stunned. He received the letter, in the mail, two days ago from the non-profit.  

"Unfortunately our organization is insolvent," the letter states. "We lack the resources to pay any of our ticket holders or creditors."

The non-profit has been around since 1992.

"The big thing about this is their timing," he said. "Why didn't I know about this back in December? 

The organization has brought world-class artists like Yo-Yo Ma to San Antonio. According to the letter, it was not a decision that was made lightly.

"Something like this caves in without notice," he said. "It leaves a lot of questions." 

It has canceled all of its future events. Hall had bought tickets for three upcoming shows at $312. 

"I was taken back," Hall said. "The verbiage in there we don't think we will be able to pay you back now or ever was kind of insulting."

ARTS San Antonio said unfortunate events have made it impossible to continue operations. It faults the abrupt departure of its executive director, a shift in charitable funding, and an increase in competition for arts dollars. 

"You want to have the arts," Hall said. "You want to have as many people drawn to it as possible. If you do stuff like this, people may hesitate."

KENS 5 reached out to ARTS San Antonio, and emailed a board member. We are still waiting to hear back.