Antonian College Preparatory High School is mourning the loss of two people. The private school is a very tight-knit community and is dealing with the tragic deaths of a former and future student.

Students Jacqueline Kall, and Erika Malagamba are honoring their friend Marc Elizondo. He was athletic, smart, and was loved by everyone.

"He was just very happy and witty," Kall said. "He was just an intelligent person. He was good to be around."

He just graduated from Antonian College Prep, and was starting his new life as a college student at Texas A&M. It all came to and end when Elizondo died in a car crash.

"Marc was just a very awesome person," she said. "He was always smiling."

The school will be honoring him on Tuesday with a blood-drive. They are hoping to encourage others to give back. Elizondo saved lives, because he donated five of his organs.

"Another way we are honoring Marc through the blood-drive is with these stickers that have a little slogan that says 'Leave your Marc by Saving Lives,'" Kall said.

They aren't coping with just his death.

A junior at Antonian lost his brother to a brain tumor. He would have also gone to the school. But, in true Antonian fashion, they're moving forward through their faith and giving back to those in need. Sunday morning, the students donated shoes and socks they collected to the homeless.

There is a memorial fund that has been established for Elizondo. You can find it here.