SAN ANTONIO — As much as we love this winter's warm temperatures, It looks like mother nature may have betrayed us. As Chas Angelini and dozens of other pest control companies gear up for a potential cockroach craze. 

"With the rain and warm weather we've been having this issue continues to spawn more and more bugs yes," Angelini said to KENS 5 on Monday. 

Spawn is an understatement

San Antonio is making a top 10 list for cities at risk for increased pest pressure. The report claims an unseasonably warm fall and start to winter allowed more pests to survive, setting the stage for an uptick this spring.

But that's where business owners like Chas step in as they have already started to prepare for the anticipated bug boom

"We are taking our time now to focus on getting a lot of baits out," the business owner of Century Pest Control said.

"Also just listening to our customers as far as new sightings and concerns coming up. So we're not taking anything for granted on any typical call, like, 'Oh I saw a roach' we're sort of taking it like, OK this could be the potential for something much larger." 

An insect infestation he says you can help prevent by keeping your lawns trimmed and your trash areas clean and if you see a sighting, do something about it by either laying out bait yourself or by bringing in someone who knows a thing or two. 

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