People who live in the Stillwater Ranch neighborhood on the northwest side claim that their neighborhood is battling a wild hog problem that is costing residents hundreds of dollars in damages.

Stephanie Houchaimi is one of dozens of residents who have been forced to repair her front lawn more than once.

"Every day we are waking up to new common areas that are being torn up," said Houchaimi, who added that she’s reached out to other neighbors for answers.

Many shared their pictures and said that the wild hogs are causing havoc throughout the neighborhood, day and night.

Brian Hoberg said that the destruction is costing residents nearly $500 of damages per property to have the landscape replaced or repaired, and the HOA has not responded to the 2,500 homes in the area on trapping or removing them.

"The legal department has essentially said that baiting and trapping here is not an option due to there being the presence of children and other animals," Hoberg said. "They are concerned about liability."

We reached out to the homeowner association and even visited the office but no one has responded.