Every dog lover would happily pet a cute puppy for free, but imagine if you could get paid to do it! That’s what a North Texas bar is offering.

MUTTS Canine Cantina, a dog-friendly bar located in Dallas has a new location opening in Fort Worth, and they’re hiring a “puptern” whose responsibility will be to pet puppies on site for $100 per hour.

The job is advertised on the company’s Instagram page.

pet puppies_1540926058328.jpg.jpg
Photo courtesy Instagram @muttscantina

In order to apply, you have to post a photo or video on Instagram using the hashtag #MUTTSpuptern and tagging @muttscantina in the post.

The last day to apply is November 12.

pet puppiess_1540926089476.jpg.jpg
Photo courtesy Instagram @muttscantina