After a bizarre raid in broad daylight, federal agents and animal control appear to have evidence, but no explanation, for why they seized 26 service dogs at a local nonprofit.

It happened on the northwest side at Universal K9, a facility that trains dogs for law enforcement and to assist military vets.

On Thursday, the FBI could not offer any new information on an investigation at Universal K9.

On Wednesday, FBI agents and local law enforcement worked to remove 26 dogs from the company.

"Dogs are in relatively good condition. Again, we're not here taking animals for a cruelty situation or anything like that. It's just in support of what the agents are doing," said Shannon Sims with Animal Care Services.

In a statement to KENS 5, ACS says that they are working to support the FBI's investigation.

The dogs are being evaluated for health, temperament, and other factors by their veterinary and live release staff.

Right now, the group is working with animal organizations to place these specially-trained animals.

Wednesday's news was a letdown for vets like Andres Torres Chavez, who traveled from Washington state in hopes of bettering himself through learning new skills.

'The FBI told us what's going on here is not really what it seems,” Chavez said.

ACS says that anyone looking to help these dogs should consider adoption. Summer is their busy season and they need help with the dozens of pets already in their care.