A special needs bulldog and his fellow bulldog companion stolen from their home in broad daylight have been reunited with their owners.

You made it happen.

"I had people from New Zealand, I had people from Topeka, Kansas, you name it, messaging me. They were looking on Craigslist ads in Texas when they don't even live in the state of Texas to help us find our dogs," said Crystale Gellman, owner of English bulldogs Bruce and Nugget.

A home surveillance camera caught the thief in action as he took electronics and firearms. The thief also scattered remains of a former four-legged friend all over the Gellman's living room.

Out of everything that was taken, what Justin and Crystale Gellman missed the most were their two English Bulldogs.

"It all kind of feels like a dream," said Crystale, whose dogs taken from their home in broad daylight. "When you're in a city as big as San Antonio, I was losing hope that they were already gone and we were never going to get them again."

The Gellmans posted the burglar's photo and pictures of their dogs on Facebook. The post was shared over 150,000 times.

Strangers started contacting the Gellmans, hoping ads on Craigslist would lead them to Bruce and Nugget.

"Some kind person reached out to me via Facebook and sent us a message they found on Instagram of someone selling English Bulldogs," Crystale said. "We were actually inside Lowe's and when I pulled it up, we just started sobbing because we knew instantly it was our babies."

After hours of phone calls and driving through the south side of San Antonio in the middle of the night, the couple finally got a hold of the seller and exchanged the dogs for a reward.

Crystale says that the seller was not the man caught on camera stealing their dogs. It wasn't immediately clear if the seller had any connection.

San Antonio police officers were also present during the exchange.

"They just wanted to get rid of the dog so they wouldn't get in trouble," Crystale said. "We told them, 'No questions asked. We will pay you. Just please give us our babies back.'"

Now, Bruce and Nugget are back home and by their owners' sides every minute.

"Bruce is mostly blind, so he was very scared," said Crystale, who noted that their dogs require daily medications. "We actually had to calm him down because he was getting too excited. He was bronco-ing like a bronco through the house!"

All four squeezed in the queen size bed last night thanks to your help.

"Thank you. From both Justin, myself and these two [dogs]. We really do sincerely thank you."