Most folks won’t pay more than $25 for a chicken. But this week, some San Antonio chickens will boast some higher price tags, with some bidders expected to spend thousands on one bird.

It’s all for the Walter Gerlach Livestock Show.

Brian Clay, an agriculture teacher at O’Connor High School, says this week-long event has some long-lasting effects.

“I don’t know of any other organization or project who helps students like this one does,” he said. “Every year, a million dollars is raised in the auction.”

One person who will likely benefit from money raised is Brian’s brother Jacob, a junior at O’Connor who has raised poultry since he was a kid.

“I spend two hours after school every day, just making sure to do the same routine,” he said. “Temperature, water, feed, making sure that they’re clean.”

Jacob hopes his hobby will pay off – literally. Poultry from the livestock show will be auctioned off this weekend. He’s already seen some impressive financial gains from past shows, at one point racking up $4,000 for one bird!

And if you’re wondering why Jacob has a knack for raising poultry? Well, it could be in his blood.

“My grandparents helped establish the show back in the day, my parents showed here, my brothers. So over time it seems there’s always been at least a Clay or Burkholder here,” Brian noted.

It’s family tradition that’s turned into the Clay family’s tuition.