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Bobcat kittens mistaken for domestic kittens, 3 people injured

The animals are not injured and currently are under quarantine at Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Three people were injured after two bobcat kittens were mistaken for domestic kittens.

Animal Care Services said a family living off Eisenhower road near Salado Creek discovered the felines at a back alleyway. The homeowner decided to bring them inside her home.

"She tried to feed them some kitten milk and during the process of doing that, three people were bitten," said ACS spokesperson Lisa Norwood. "Bitten on the hand. Not bad bites but bites nonetheless. They're seeking medical attention right now."

Norwood said the family decided to look online and noticed the kittens were bobcats.

"Once they started taking a look at the kittens, seeing how big they were, how robust they were, how their tails were bobbed," said Norwood. "I think they started doing a little bit more research and educating themselves and thinking: 'You know what, these don't look like your standard house cat. Maybe we should call somebody.' Thankfully, they did."

ACS says it's possible the felines came from the Salado Creek area, where parts are still underdeveloped and wildlife exists. An ACS officer took the bobcat kittens to the care of Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. The kittens are not injured and currently are under quarantine. A spokesperson for the rehab center said they will be monitored to make sure they can be released to a protected site.

If you see animals in trouble, Wildlife Rescue says you should not e-mail them. It has a 24-hour rescue hotline you can call at 830.336.2725.

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