SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio dog owner is thanking the community for getting her dog back after a two-week “adventure.”

Hilaria Battoe adopted Morgan, a Plott Hound/Boxer mix, from Animal Care Services in October 2015. She said ACS informed her that the dog had been hit by a car and was unable to use his right front leg.

His leg was amputated in November 2015, and after some therapy, he was soon running at full speed, she said. Without a fourth leg, Morgan is slimmer and able to squeeze into tight spaces.

“Plott Hounds are known for being incredibly smart and Morgan is no different,” Battoe said. During the last week of August, Morgan escaped from a fenced-in backyard on San Antonio’s west side, near Marbach and West Military Drive. “He had gotten out before, but this time he decided to go on an adventure,” Battoe said.

For two weeks, Battoe tried to find her three-legged friend. She said she posted lost dog alerts on multiple Facebook groups, the San Antonio Reddit page, and the Nextdoor app.

It wasn’t until September 12 she received word that her unique pup had been spotted in the area of SE Military Drive and WW White Road on the southeast side. Later that day, Battoe said someone caught Morgan near Southwest Loop 410, about 17 miles from his home. She was reunited with her dog a few hours later.

Photo: Hilaria Battoe

“The wonderful community of dog lovers in the city is completely responsible for reuniting Morgan with us. I would have never thought to look so far from home without their help, and I give all the thanks in the world to them,” Battoe said.

She said numerous people gave Morgan food and water during his adventure across the Alamo City, so the 4-year-old pooch only lost a few pounds over the course of two weeks away. San Antonio’s recent wet weather and cool temperatures also helped, she said, since Morgan didn’t have burns on his paws.

Battoe said she hopes Morgan’s story inspires other pet owners to not give up hope, especially in a town with a supportive community of other animal lovers.

“One thing that this experience has shown me is that there are such good people in this community,” she said. “I have no doubt that we would not have Morgan back if it were not for the amazing community that San Antonio has.”