SAN ANTONIO — The Salvation Army needs you to help to make sure Christmas is magical for thousands of San Antonio area children. 

They're asking you to take a few minutes of your time while you're out shopping, to pick up some toys and clothes for their Angel Tree Program

It takes a village to make the wonder come alive for every family in this great city. The Salvation Army is working to make sure 7,000 children and 1,000 senior citizens have the perfect Christmas. They need your help to get it done.

"Maybe it's a job search or maybe a health scare. It could happen to anyone or anyone you know,” said Brad Mayhar with the Salvation Army in San Antonio. “It feels good to know you're giving back or that you're helping someone that is maybe is not as fortunate as you are. We have lots of success stories. Every year we have individuals who adopt angels or come to our distribution and help pass out those toys to the families, that tell us that they once were Angel Tree recipients and now they want to pay it forward."

Maria Gutierrez is one of the moms grateful for the Salvation Army.

"My kids were younger in elementary school when times were tough,” said Gutierrez. “I had recently come out of an unhealthy relationship and I needed help around the holidays. So I really had to swallow my pride because it's all about the kids and making great memories for them. Salvation Army definitely helped make my kids' Christmas very memorable."

It's now a Gutierrez family tradition to pass on the magic to another family.

"The kids love picking out their own angels,” said Gutierrez. “They like to get somebody that reflects who they were in their youth."

She takes her commitment to the Salvation Army to another level. Each year, she puts up her own Angel Tree at the Holiday Inn by SeaWorld. Her coworkers are quick to pick up a tag.

"Just to see that camaraderie and everybody come together for the holiday season, it's absolutely phenomenal," said Gutierrez.

To get your angel, stop by North Star, South Park or Ingram Park mall and pick up a tag. The card will list a child's name, age, gender and clothing size, along with two items on their wish list.

Go shopping, then drop off the unwrapped items with the original angel tag at the Salvation Army booth in the mall.

Angel tags are also available online. Click here to print out a tag.

Gifts are due December 14.