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'It's bold' | Castle Hills police looking for burglars who used 'shocking' scheme to get inside home

"If you see anything suspicious, please do not hesitate to call law enforcement," Castle Hills police captain Wayne Waggoner said.

SAN ANTONIO — Castle Hills police are looking for a crew of burglars they say pulled off a "shocking" heist. 

"I've been in law enforcement for more than 25 years and I've never seen this type of scheme," captain Wayne Waggoner said. "The creativeness of this type of crime is shocking, actually. It's bold."

Police say a man knocked on a Castle Hills door to offer tree trimming services, effectively luring the resident into the backyard. While the man pitched his product, other burglars snuck inside the home. 

Waggoner couldn't say what the crew boosted, but called the item "very expensive." He said the loot probably required two people to carry. 

"We feel it's random," Waggoner said, noting that the team probably cased the neighborhood prior to the crime. 

Police say San Antonio residents should look out for a slender man, about 6 feet tall, dressed in nice clothing. He drives a white SUV. 

"He comes across like he knows what he's talking about with the trees," Waggoner said. 

It's not clear if the crew has hit other homes. Waggoner said he'd heard rumblings the team tried their scheme in other parts of Bexar county. 

Alamo Heights and Shavano Park police have also warned their residents about the ploy. 

Solicitors must obtain a city permit to go door-to-door in Castle Hills. The badge should be displayed on the shirt. 

Waggoner says it's not wise to let unexpected visitors inside the home. If you've scheduled service, the captain says to ask for a description or picture of the handyman coming to your house. 

"If you see anything suspicious, please do not hesitate to call law enforcement," he said. "Let law enforcement contact them, and we'll decide if they're up to no good." 

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