A revolutionary wheelchair was unveiled at Morgan's Wonderland on Friday. It doesn't use any batteries and runs on air.

The "PneuChair" also is waterproof.

It glides with the simplicity of a joystick and weighs 80 pounds, a third of the weight of a normal wheelchair.

Director of Human Engineering Research Laboratories Rory Cooper developed the chair, along with the University of Pittsburgh and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The chair does not have a single electronic component, which makes it 100 percent submersible.

"You can get in a chair and literally drive into a pool," Cooper said. "You can go through the splash features or even the sprinklers in the front yard."

The chair made its debut at Morgan's Wonderland along with several other water-friendly wheelchairs.

Gordon Hartman helped fund the innovative wheelchair.

"Without this chair, we couldn't call Morgan's Wonderland ultra-accessible," he said. "This is making our dream come true."

Although the prototype will begin at the amusement park, Cooper said it could be mass produced very soon.