SAN ANTONIO — It was an unusual sight on a San Antonio highway.

It was a quiet Thursday afternoon when a call came into San Antonio Police about a canine in distress. The call required the help of Animal Care Services.

"Our officers respond to calls like this often and any time there is a rescue that needs to be done, our officers are very engaged," said Manual Flores, Animal Care Services Operations Field Supervisor.

The call brought the officer just southwest of downtown, to the intersection of Highways 90 East and 35 North. And this is what he saw between the two roadways. A one year old pup in need of help. Officer Flores said, "It was one of those things where he had to think of rescue right there on the spot."

The mixed breed, four-legged friend was peering up at the officer, who was at least 15 feet above his padded paws, but more than 30 to 40 feet below were cars and trucks whizzing by at over 60 miles per hour. 

"If he was never found, then he would've either jumped down, trying to rescue himself, or would have just stayed out there until someone found him, and if that ever came, then he likely would have starved to death," Officer Flores said.

SAPD stopped the traffic while the ACS officer lowered a rope, hoping to lift him to safety. Officer Flores said, "Our officer made some attempts to try to get the rope positioned correctly on him so it was around the waist."

The rope worked, and the brown-eyed, bow-wow was beholden to be lifted to safety, and now is playfully prancing his poochy paws at ACS, hoping for a forever home. It only made sense to name him Lucky. He is available for adoption right now. Just come in to ACS and mention his ID, which is 518511.