Dozens of dogs will likely need weeks to recover after being rescued from a home.

Animal Care Services removed 49 dogs from the house off Old Sky Harbor in southwest San Antonio. According to ACS, the dogs were matted and covered in their own urine.

"It was odd seeing that many trucks at one spot, so I figured something was really wrong,” neighbor Mike Tyree said.

For neighbors, the scene was upsetting, as the dogs were taken from the home into waiting Animal Care trucks. ACS says the dogs are being taken for medical evaluation by the city's veterinarian.

The dogs are medium sized shepherd - chow mixes. Some are still puppies. ACS says there's no indication they were bred for profit. Their owner is cooperating, but could face charges pending the outcome of the investigation.

That's exactly what neighbors hope to see -- these dogs get a fighting chance and a fresh start. "That they get a better home, not being abused, and be happy,” Tyree said.