Several Converse friends shared several minutes of terror together inside one of their cars after arriving at one of their home's to find two men squatting outside of it with loaded guns.

Terror turned into frenzied moments when the men pointed those weapons and opened fire on the car.

All of it was captured in cell phone video that as of 4 p.m. Monday had been shared on Facebook more than 27,000 times and been viewed nearly 2 million times.

KENS 5's Sharon Ko was able to speak with Sierra Sims, who found the men crouching outside of her home, and immediately started recording the scene. Their idea to push record could ultimately be the key to police finding the men.

Simms also shared how the trio escaped.

When she saw two men crouching by her home on Jay Brooks Street, Simms said she immediately called the police while her friend pushed record on her cell-phone. "We couldn't see them we could just see bodies."

And you can see in the video, the men come out from the trees and walk toward them.

Simms said their faces were covered. "They have ski masks on and guns in their hands," Simms said. "And we see one walking and the other is turned and talking to them. And then we see them agree. Basically, start shooting."

Simms and her two friends fled the scene, but the bullets kept flying, taking out some of her tires and windows in the process. "I'm thinking maybe they're trying to scare us but they follow us. All the way down, they're still shooting."


The men followed them, Simms said, from the scene outside of her home, firing shots at their car.

The car Simms was in eventually crashed into a neighbor's yard with windows and tires shot out, and the suspects took off once the homeowner came out in what Simms described as a dark-colored car.

"They wanted us," Simms said. "They were trying to kill us. We couldn't even leave because they shot her tires out. I screamed we need to get out of here."

Converse police said the video and their eyewitness accounts will help. They're also gathering any home surveillance cameras from the area.

"I can tell you that the police department as well as the assistance of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, SAPD and DPS, we are working aggressively and diligently to identify these individuals," said Converse Police Lieutenant Jeff Shook.