On Sunday, a new 3-D tournament bracket was unveiled on Market and Alamo. Since then, tourists and locals have been visiting the sculpture, taking selfies and hoping their favorite team makes it to the championship.

Dan Sinclair visiting from Knoxville, Tennessee said he had to stop when he saw his team in the south bracket.

"Tennessee just got into the bracket yesterday," Sinclair said, "I'm just trying to take pictures and send it back home."

The 3-D bracket stands 16 feet tall and about 25 feet wide, right by the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center.

San Antonio native Alec Elizondo said he heard about it on social media and had to come downtown to see what the buzz was all about.

"It's pretty cool. I like it a lot. It's pretty different," Elizondo said. "I feel like the selfie and social media thing is pretty big nowadays, so there will be a lot of people in the coming days as it gets closer to the Final Four."

With San Antonio hosting the Final Four, fans are eager to find out who wins it all.

"It's tough there's a lot of good teams," Elizondo said. "I'll definitely will be watching."