Handwritten signs still hang inside the building at Pecan and North St Mary's Street. What was once a vacant space is now a a temporary resource center for the influx of migrants the city is seeing.

Just last week, according to the city officials, 2,500 migrants came through the Alamo City.

 "So we're averaging 200 to 250 individuals a day," Interim Assistant City Manager, Colleen Bridger Ph.D., told KENS 5.

Dr. Bridger said the center is being staffed 7 days a week with a mix of volunteers and city staff. Last week the Director of Human Services emailed city employees and asked individuals to donate clothes or their time. 200 city employees have volunteered thus far.

Bridger told KENS 5 it's that co-working environment that will help them tackle any more major migrant influxes.

Recently, the White House proposed sending the detained migrants to sanctuary cities. While the city of San Antonio isn't technically a sanctuary city because of its proximity and history, could it be a target location?

"That is the million dollar question," Antonio Fernandez the CEO of Catholic Charities told KENS 5. He doesn't know if San Antonio will be impacted if that proposal is put in place, but he assures the public he will do all he can to help. "We'll provide as much as we can, clothes, food, anything we need to help as many in need."

"We'll be able to efficiently and compassionately respond to whatever happens because our motivation is how can we help you get to your ultimate destination," Bridger added.

With Fiesta coming up, as well as the Easter holiday, the city is looking for more volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Human Services coordinator via email: Joe.VanKuiken@sanantonio.gov or click here.

Monetary donations could be made online on the Catholic Charities website.