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Cousin rushed to try to save man shot and killed while sitting in car

Police said Rodriguez was sitting in his car when someone shot him.

SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Police say a man was shot in his car, thrown from the vehicle and left for dead.  The victim's cousin heard the shots and tried to save his life. But, 21-year-old Jonathan Rodriguez died at the hospital. The cousin, Brandon, told KENS 5 he could have been killed too. 

"He was face-first on the ground," he said. Not moving. Just a puddle of blood."

Brandon didn't want to be on camera.  He is too traumatized from Tuesday night. The 19-year-old practically witnessed his cousin die.

"I took off my shirt so for the blood," he said. So, he could be okay."

Brandon said Rodriguez had picked him up at his home off Babcock and 410. The 19-year-old said they were going to play video games. He said they left, but turned back around because he forgot a charger.

"I said hold on I will be right back," Brandon said. I closed the door. I walked up fast. By the time I got upstairs, I heard gun shots. I saw some dude fumbling with his body. He liked dumped his body. And I just saw the car just drive off."

Police said Rodriguez was sitting in his car when someone shot him. Investigators say the suspect pushed him out of the vehicle and drove away.  While calling 911, Brandon rushed down to save his cousin. He says Rodriguez was hit four times.

"He lost a lot of blood," he said.

Rodriguez died at the hospital. The two worked for Amazon and were close.  Brandon thinks if he too were in the car at that moment.

"I thought about it," he said. Could have been me. It could have been both of us."

Brandon said he doesn't believe his cousin knew the killer and that it was random. The family is still uneasy. 

"I hope they get him," he said. They are going to get what they deserve. It is not right."

San Antonio Police couldn't say if the suspect's motive was to steal the car. They said the investigation is still ongoing. If you know anything, contact SAPD.

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